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(Surah Al-Baqara, Ayah 208-210)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Should I accept it? ACCEPTED & FORUM DETAILS!!

I receive a call from Bro Kuan Beng on Wednesday and below is our conversation

KB : Bro, do you free on 2nd Apr Sat?

Me : What is the occasion?

KB : You free or not?

Me : Should be ok la. Why?

KB : Want to invite you to become one of the panel next Saturday?

Me : Huh?? Panel?? What panel?


Me : Walau eh.... U really put me on the table. In total how many panel and what is my function as panel? What to talk about?

KB : Hahaha... no la...actually they invited me but I not so confident ma so I suggested them another person but they only want revert so I suggest you lo. There will be 2 panel in total and the other panel is a Professor Madya. You as a panel will need to relate him to our current situation and generation on how we can emulate him and some example.

Me : WAHHHH!!!! U siao ah (crazy in chinese). You pair me with a Professor Madya with this Prof Alam Maya? I only knew a bit leh about him. How to become panel and the best part is alongside a Professor Madya? What is my option and when is the latest I should reply you?

KB : I give you a book la and you read. Very easy one. The book is less than 100 pages. You must reply ASAP cos need to confirm the panel.

Me : If you ask me now, I would say yes and no. Yes because I saw it as a daawah opportunity and no because of my limited knowledge about Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi and therefore I do not want to mislead other by saying the wrong thing because I myself do not like anyone who is panel or speaker but he himself do not know what he trying to convey and is like talk a lot but mean nothing. Give me time to think about it la ya...

KB : Ok la but try not to reject it la. Good opportunity to daawah to the Muslim & Not Yet Muslim. You can do it one. (doesnt KB sound like Gold Fish Uncle here???hahaah)

Me : You always put me on the table one. InsyaAllah.

That is my phone conversation with KB and while I still considering the option, brother Rauf from UPM call me on Saturday and he want to meet me to further discuss and we meet up this morning in Al-Khadeem to find out more. Here is some extra detail that Bro Rauf & Illyyas share with me this morning and there are so sincere in inviting me as the panel when they had email me the invitation letter and the schedule for the day on Saturday night itself. Allahuakbar...

- Expected crowd of 500
- There will be a presentation about Salahuddin Al-Ayyubi history by one Ustaz.
- Another presentation on the success and empire that Salahuddin Al Ayyubi has built by another brother...
- Each panel will be allocate 35 minute!! Yes 35 minute. What should I talk in 35 minute? lol
- After panel presentation, there will be a Q & A question.

Is not the crowd that I worry of. I had become an emcee for an event with few thousand people in it so 500 is still ok I guess. What do you think? Should I accept it or decline it for now?

Alhamdulilah, I has make the decision to accept the challenge and I am reading and research extensively and May Allah give me the strength and courage on the day. The more I read about this man, the more I am amazed with his achievement in wrestled back Jerusalem from the crusader. InsyaAllah, once the forum ended I will do my best to write a short story about this great man - SALAHUDDIN AL-AYYUBI.

Here is the promotion material for the forum.


  1. Accept it !!
    Loser wait things to happen.
    Winner make things to happen.

  2. well it is not putting you on the table. it is just that i feel you can do a much better job than me cause you are more common with public speaking compare to me. i dont know much chinese muslim who are around 20 plus which can give a good speech except you. hehe

  3. As Salam brother

    It is good experience to be involved in such events. Also networking for dawah work. Just check with them what topics you can touch on. Salahuddin was a an outstanding and honourable Muslim.

    Just make point form of his special qualities and point out what our youths should be focussing on, instead of pampering themselves with entertainment and more entertainment.

    Many Muslim youths have no ambition and all they want is to pass exams and get a well paid job. They do not seem interested to learn from history and our Muslim heroes.

    How to synergise with other ngos etc to create awareness of some of the determination, patience, strategy and piety of such a great man in history. Muslim youths need a real hero.

  4. Just accept bro,
    preparation is the basic things,
    it could help u much.

    May Allah grant u easiness in delivering that beneficial things.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The most important thing is to motivate audience to become like Salahuddin, the great muslim protector of Islam.

  7. InsyaAllah, ada jalan....u can do it bro!

  8. MashaAllah..some muslims are a muslim because their parent are muslims.
    some muslims are muslims because they want to find the truth and do not want their life end up meaningless in the day after..sweet brothers..


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