Life of a Reverted Muslim

"O believers enter into Islam completely and do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan, surely he is your clear-cut enemy. If you falter after receiving the clear-cut message, then keep in mind that Allah is Mighty, Wise. Are they waiting for Allah to come down to them in the shadow of clouds, along with the angels, and make His decision known? Ultimately all matters will be presented to Allah for decision"
(Surah Al-Baqara, Ayah 208-210)

Friday, January 28, 2011


Kalau ada meeting awal pagi sanggup kita bangun awal bersedia utk meeting takut jam TAPI meeting dengan Allah setiap hari untuk Solat Subuh kita lewat dan tak masuk meeting langsung

Kalau nak bermain bola dan menonton konsert sanggup pergi 5 jam lebih awal TAPI untuk solat kita pergi last minute

Kalau tengok konsert live kita nak duduk yang paling depan takut tak nampak dan sanggup tunggu walaupun show dah habis TAPI bila time nak solat kita berebut duduk belakang supaya dapat beredar cepat walaupun doa belum habis dibaca

Kalau nak jumpa kawan kita bersiap pakai baju cantik dgn pelbagai macam wangian TAPI bila nak solat kita pakai baju lusuh koyak rabak

Kalau ada konsert cepat dan sanggup kita beli walaupun ratusan ringgit TAPI bila dijemput ke majlis ilmu yg FREE kita menolak seribu alasan

Kalau kerja sanggup kita OT nak siap dan kemas supaya bos dan customer suka TAPI kalau solat nak cepat dan ringkas

Kalau bab sunnah Nabi nak aje semua laki ikut kahwin empat TAPI sunnah Nabi yang lain tak pernah nak ikut

Kalau ada kesusahan kita minta dan doa pada Allah untuk membantu secepat mungkin TAPI bila arahan Allah untuk membantu yg lain kita menangguh selama yg mungkin

Kalaulah semua di atas diterbalikkan alangkah baiknya TAPI hakikat syaitan lebih menguasai diri kita dari kita menguasai mereka dengan bertaqwa kepada Allah SWT. InsyaAllah bersama kita berkongsi dan perbaiki amalan kita.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Solat - The Prophet Way (UPDATE)

Do you knew how to perform SOLAT?

Alhamdulilah if you knew how to Solat BUT how sure are you that you are solat the right way - THE WAY OUR PROPHET (pbuh) SOLAT?
"Perform the prayer as you have seen me performed them"
(Narrated by Al-Bukhari, Muslim & Ahmad)

NO MORE guessing! Al Khadeem is organizing solat courses in February. Please mark your calendar 12 February 2011, Saturday 8.30am-5.00pm. (Registration starts at 8.15am)

Al Khadeem (which means ‘Serving Mankind’) was founded in 1984 by Hussain Yee and a group of volunteers who were motivated by their faith in Islam and love for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to create a kinder, better world through effective charity.

Register now for this courses with only a minimal charges of RM40 per person

Course Content
- Thoharah (Ghusul, Wudhu' & Tayammum)
- Solat Alone
- Solat in Congregation
- Masbuq in Solat
- Adab of the Imam
- Solat for Janaazah
- Solat for Travelers (Jamak & Qasar)
Venue : Al-Khadeem Hall
Lot 1034 Jalan Cempaka
Sungai Kayu Ara
47400 Petaling Jaya
All participant will receive Reference Book, Writing Materials, Lunch & 2 Tea Breaks

WAIT!!! SOME GOOD NEWS!! There is THREE Hamba Allah who willing to sponsor UP TO 30 member from Malaysia Reverted Muslim Facebook page. Please send your details (full name, contact number) to malaysia.reverted.muslim at or you can call me at 017 - 647 9978 for more info.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Aminah Assilmi

Aminah Assilmi

Aminah Assilmi was a broadcast journalist and former director of the International Union of Muslim Women. Formerly a Southern Baptist preacher, she converted to Islam in 1977 in college while trying to convert some Muslims to Christianity. As the director of International Union of Muslim Women, she visited campuses discussing Islam.

Assilmi once said,

"I am so very glad that I am a Muslim. Islam is my life. Islam is the beat of my heart. Islam is the blood that courses through my veins. Islam is my strength. Islam is my life so wonderful and beautiful. Without Islam I am nothing, and should Allah ever turn His magnificent face from me, I could not survive."

Assilmi was involved in the release of the 2001 Eid Stamp as well as future anniversary editions.

She was also involved in creating an educational centre for Muslim converts. She died on March 5, 2010 in a car accident while returning from a speaking engagement in New York. She had a daughter and two sons, as well as several grandchildren.

Source : Wikipedia

Friday, January 14, 2011

Pirates of The Caribbean

This is the upcoming movie standee for Pirates of The Caribbeans.

Well look lets zoom in a little bit for a clearer view.

Well, let us zoom in more closer for a better view. Did you see it?
Is that look like a Moon & Star that is synonym with Islam? But why does it appear in an earing wear by the skull for this movie? I not being over sensitive here and definitely not protesting but just asking if anyone knew why the earing must have this symbol side by side like most of the Muslim countries have in their flag? Hmmmm....


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm proud of you....

Alhamdulilah... This might be my shortest post so far but is ok. I not feeling well at this moment because of flu. After Maghrib I went for a nap and wake up 9.15pm for Isyak & dinner. While having dinner my wife told me June sms asking am I online tonight. In fact i have no plan to online as I have no mood (you know la flu kan) but I said "boleh online sekarang".

I quickly finish my meal & take my flu medicine (sleepy juga now while writing this). June told me there is a cases that she had on hand now but she is not sure. What cases I cant reveal as everything is confidential until further notice...

In fact in the afternoon, Kuang Beng, Ultraman (Zhang Farish), Des Tiny, Bro Nazrin, Nurul Izzah & other (I apologize if I didnt mention you here, old ppl is like this) have cases on hand... Alhamdulilah... It seems like our last weekend gathering in Ipoh not going to waste. More & more people has express their intention to join our movement & to help... ALLAHUAKBAR!!!

Alhamdulilah... Thanks and praise to Allah for opening up our brother & sister mind & heart to come out and help. Ya Allah, thanks you for all this and May Allah will always guide us and give us strength to continue this work...


p/s If you would like to join our group & movement, please "like" Malaysia Reverted Muslim page. May Allah bless your effort. Amin..

Monday, January 10, 2011

Real Monday Blue...

I not sure why today I feel real tired & restless. Maybe because I packed my last weekend schedule. Saturday I went to Ipoh for Malaysia Reverted Muslim gathering where I drove up & down and once I reach home around 2am I switch on my notebook and continue to Facebook-ing & blogging until 4something and I woke up by 10am.

My wife surprise why I wake up so early but because I promise her & my kids to bring them for "gai gai" so I force myself lo... We went to Mid Valley (Mid Valley is our favourite spot because of Oasis foodcourt at level 2) for our brunch. We also took the opportunity to visit Bumiputra Property seminar there. We move from Mid Valley to Kepong Carrefour to purchase some electric equipment & grocery for Bro Abdul Rahman Ooi (we knew la MV also got Carrefour but the time we reach there, they ran out of trolley so we decide to shop nearer lo). We reach Kepong around 6somethg and we shop until 7.30pm. We head for Maghrib prayer before going to Bro Abdul Rahman Ooi house to pass him the contribution. I have to walk up 4 level with 10kg Rice and a box of grocery. Real tired!!

We chat for a while before we move to buy dinner as my wife would like to catch AJL at home. Although we can free ticket because BLACK is one of my football mates but we decided not to attend la so we catch it at home. After Isyak and bath, as my wife watch AJL I open up my notebook and stay online until 3am. I managed to watch 1st half of Real Madrid vs Villareal. Fuhhhh..... Is real real tiring...

But if given another chance, I will still stick to the schedule as I enjoyed it very much. Not I in the midst of drafting the system for Malaysia Reverted Muslim movement & planning where should we have our next gathering although initial idea should be JB. Some very good feedback from member where some ask me to concentrate on Perak 1st before we go to other states, some want it in Penang, some want me to stick with initial plan which is to JB & I also receive a request to visit our brother & sister in Sabah from a SABAHAN member... Alhamdulilah... This show our brother & sister would like to participate in this kind of activities.... I cant decide everything on my own as I respect the voice & decision of other member as well.... Appreciate any input and feedback too....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Malaysia Reverted Muslim Gathering @ Ipoh 8 Jan 2011

Yesterday, 8 Jan 2011 we I went to Ipoh with a group of Malaysia Reverted Muslim FB group member. Alhamdulilah, when I plan this event i do not expect such a turnout but Allah have his plan so we have total of 11 member from Klang Valley going to Ipoh for this gathering and it is more than that if not for some last minute withdrawal of some member due to work commitment and etc but we fully understand. Here is our schedule & activities 7.40am-8.30am (Group at Mcdonalds Bandar Sri Damansara) - Zhang Farish (Ah Hong) is the 1st one to arrive although I am the nearest of them all BECAUSE I bought some kuih for the journey. (7.40am) - Adam Eh with his 2 pretty lady, Siti Hajar (Hajar) and our evergreen lovely Kak Nadiah reach shortly (7.55am) - Nurul Light (Nurul Aida) reached (7.56am) - at last I reach there (7.58am) - Faisal Wong (8.01am) - Shafiq Guan (8.10am) - June, Kuan Beng & Nurul Izzah (8.15am) While some of them are having breakfast at McD (org kaya punya lunch ni), I went to Shell to bought 1 cartoon of mineral water for them. After everyone had parked their car at the shoplot we start our journey to Ipoh. 8.30am-11.15am (Journey to Destiny) While on our way to Ipoh, we stop at Tapah to release some tension.. some only tension but some stress...
"We have ultraman joining us too"
We continue our journey after Shafiq Guan, June, Nurul Izzah & Kuan Beng finish their lunch while I filled my car. We reach Ipoh Simpang Pulai Toll and we follow the instruction by Des Tiny but end up he is at other road and not the road we are in but luckily we have a friend in GPS (Guan Punya Sistem) so we reached MACMA office safely much earlier than Des Tiny.. Burung hantu oh burung hantu... We receive a fantastic treatment from MACMA Ipoh and once we reach, lunch is ready. Good for us but bad for Shafiq & geng... We move in to the hall after our lunch to start our gathering... and oh ya, we also have one very little cute girl joining us for this occasion. She is the daughter of Garfields... ops sorry I mean Ikhwan Ng...
"Ikhwan's princess - Damia"
12pm-7pm - The Gathering
"Members chatting before doa" We start our session with doa and hopefully Allah will bless our gathering and all the members.
After doa, Bro Ustaz Hafiz Ng is updating all the attendee about MACMA Ipoh recent & upcoming activities.
"Ustaz Hafiz Ng"
Right after Ustaz briefing, is my turn (cheng cheng cheng) to give my speech and introduce myself and why we are here. We are there to meet our brother & sister to foster better relationship also to set up a pro tem committee for a movement that we do not have the name yet.... but the movement is according to Islam.
"all concentrate when Owl aka Des Tiny spoke about his experience"
After my speech, we start a sharing session where we will need to introduce ourselves like family background, when we revert, what is the challenge and most important (actually I coin this idea for Adam Eh & Des Tiny cos they looking for ehem ehem ehem still) is about their AVAILABILITY . They might be single but not available like some of our sister. Correct right Sis Hajar?? Started with me, Des Tiny, Kak Nadiah & Sarah Lam before we go for our 1st break. i will blog about each of their experience individually later. After the break, Faisal Wong share his follow by Adam Eh & Nurul Izzah. Once all done, Dato Dr. Fadzli Cheah arrive and we request him to share his experience as well and surprisingly, Mr Steven Lai (Non Muslim) voluntary request to share his thought and perception (again I will shared this in the blog post later).
"Steven Lai & Dato Dr. Fadzli Cheah"
Once Steven finish his sharing, immediately I started to shared with everyone what is the objective we are there and we are proposing to set up a pro tem committee in Perak and basically everyone can join us be it Born Muslim, Revert Muslim from any races can join us as long as they agree to help according to the principal and teaching of Islam. So I started to shared a story about Nenek Fatemah (I going to blog about it soon as its been completed), story about Bro Abdul Rahman Ooi & Bro Mohd Adam Lee. I become so sensitive that I cried when I shared a story about Bro Adam Lee exchanging sms with me. Oh my.. I cried in front of so many people but only Allah knew why I cant control it... (sorry to those who attend as you have to watch a adult cried and anyone of you who have that photo please dun upload it ya, i really apologize for that embarrassing moment).. After my blog post about his story which i highlighted in Facebook, Bro Adam sms me and ask am I transfering money to him and I replied yes and also apology because i forgot to inform him abfter my blog post. The next day Bro Adam Lee sms me "thank. i told my kids and show them your photo & say this uncle help us, after you all grow up must help other", i replied "no need to mention that bro... Is my pleasure to assist and furthermore is just a small amount" but he replied "have to if not they think where I get the money and my kids will careful to use the money".
"Bro Adam Lee with his kids"
"Nurul Hanani & Nurul Wardah"
Practically, at the end of the gathering everyone that attend it AGREED to the formation of this movement and is fully supported by Dato Dr. Fadzli Cheah and the Perak MACMA Committee and its member. We also unexpectedly receive RM 550 donation which is really a big surprise. 8pm-10.15pm - dinner & journey to KL This gathering will not be successful without the assistance from this person. He help to facilitate all the necessary arrangement like venue, food & etc. Thanks to Bro Nazrin for all the hard work to ensure our gathering sun smoothly. Thanks to sis Marlina for facilitating this from the back. Last but not least thanks to everyone of you who make it to the gathering and spend your precious Saturday in Ipoh. Also to everyone who plan to join us but unable to join us because of last minute work commitment and we fully understand that and hope you will be able to join us next round. Tentatively our next gathering will be in JB. Any suggestion people?
"me & Bro Nazrin"
"we reached Laksamana Cheng Ho for Dinner"
"This is the team & other who unable to join us for the dinner"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Zheng He' Dim Sum

This few month I received few question from my friends, ex customer & some investor about my previous business - Zheng He Dim Sum. Maybe for some of you that never heard about it is fine but this is the signboard...

Is a long long story about this business. Sweat, tears and basically everything that you can think off. I started this business out of my passion for food and especially food. Ever since I reverted in 10th August 2005, is very difficult for me and maybe majority of you to find a good economical Halal Chinese Food. Is far from what we have today. Today we have lot of choice in terms of Halal Chinese food and maybe even Dim Sum in Hj Shahrin Low Restaurant, Mohd Chan Abdullah Restaurant, Dong Yi Shun, China Treasure, MinMax and lot more.

When I started this business idea I spent nearly 1 year researching about F & B as I do not have any qualification in this. How do I do my research? Basically my daily schedule start like this...

9am - 4pm

- Sit in Oldtown or any F & B outlet for my breakfast and my prefer location is beside their bar or a place where I can peep into their kitchen and look at how they position their kitchen equipment.
- Look at their menu and design
- Estimated crowd

Then finally I almost get what I want but that doesnt enough as I need a premises therefore I went looking for location and I end up at Dataran Glomac Kelana Jaya (where Mohd Chan Abdullah current outlet is). How brave and confident I am when the time I looking for premises I basically I have no capital, YES is right no capital. What I have that time is only A VISION, A DREAM.

I managed to sell my idea to 3 investor and group 3 of them together and start this business. I am sure you would like to know how I manage to do that but let me keep that for other time. So there we go and started the business and my objective is to hired at least one physical challenge individual & I manage to hired a mute & deaf name Christopher Lee. I have to push myself to learn sign language to communicate with him.

Although the business was ok but we start to develop some problem in terms of delivering. I mean delivery time since our kitchen is small so no point adding manpower but the space is not enough. Slowly we are losing our customer not to our competitor but to ourselves. I suggest to my partner to move to a different location that provide bigger space for kitchen but they couldnt agree due to financial terms. From there onwards I been left alone to sustain the business (practically I am the one who run the business as they would not pick up the call or sms and only call back few weeks later) but Allah knew the best. I run into debt and until I have to turn to Ah Long (Loan Shark ya not a friend call Ah Long) for help.

Well my post is not to discuss and talk about my problem but more about what I learn in the process. There is few thing that make me proud of the business idea although it been TEMPORARY CLOSED for business is that I make a lot of friends among my customer and we still contacting each other also a Minister visit my shop with his family and ask from which country I get this franchise from? Franchise from other country? I told "Maaf Dato' konsep dan idea ni saya buat sendiri dan ini baru outlet yang pertama" and he was surprise and he told me this "bagus, bagus..teruskan dan saya akan suruh pegawai saya datang selepas 6-7 bulan awak beroperasi untuk membantu bagaimana untuk mengembangkan restoran awak ni ke franchise". Also there is few celebrities always patronize my outlet, and the most memorable is where there is an offer from a businessman in Melaka who happen drop by my outlet to sell him my franchise! Selling him a franchise? he must be kidding dont you think? I am happy but I knew we cant because we just operated for less than a month and we do not have SOP so how to franchise??? He told me that no worry we can work that out together gradually as long as I willing to franchise my concept and name to his company. I told him I have to discuss with my partner about this and he agreed but he want me to visit him in Melaka so he can show me where he intended to open and to discuss the terms and condition ASAP. I call & sms to my partner and they told me just go ahead and visit him so I went to Melaka to visit and tell him the t & c and he agree. He even asked me to choose where do I want to this outlet to be? Do I want it beside Pizza Hut or where? Actually, his company OWNED the whole shopping complex. WOW!!!

I am so excited while on my way back to Kelana Jaya and I start to imagine and think I going to become rich. My DREAM HAVE COME TRUE - TOO EARLY. I went back & met my partner to discuss this but the REJECTED. The rest are history. So to cut the story short, lets enjoy some of my previous dishes...


Malat ChickenSiew Mai "KING"
No Name Prawn (This is the name actually)
Golden Ring Prawn (Marvellous!!!)
Fried Cheong Fun
Deep Fried Sotong
Deep Fried Butter Fish
Deep Fried Butter Fish
Honey Sesame Prawn
Lemon Chicken (You cant find this elsewhere now)
Wasabi Chicken (Exclusive in Zheng He ONLY)
Spicy Ramen

So that all people. Hope you enjoy the photo and do you make your keyboard wet? Drooling? Dont blame me. I have warn you beforehand..Please do not believe bulat bulat what I say. Here is some review from other...
> Zheng He Dim Sum Blog
> Photo Malaysia Food Review
> Flickr
> ShutterAsia

Brother Mohd Adam Lee

Assalamualaikum. I manage to squeezed some time in between fetching my son for his 1st day in kindergarten and reporting for work to met up with Bro Mohd Adam Lee. His case is brought up by Brother Faisal in Malaysia Reverted Muslim page and I contact bro Adam Lee to find out more. Below is where he live in now. Yes, that right. Is not a place where anyone of us would call it a home. Is a multipurpose hall - Dewan Melayu Ampang.

Yet he never complain about this and be grateful to YB Zuraidah for making necessary arrangement for him to stay there but of course he fully aware that he wont stay here forever therefore YB is looking for a flat/apartment for him and YB will pay for the deposit. We will wait for this confirmation latest by next week and if YB unable to assist we will seriously look into how we can assist.

Fyi, Bro Adam Lee is unable to work right now because he met an accident while on the way back from work and he is a PROFESSIONAL CLOWN with a DEGREE in this. Yes, you heard it right. He own a degree for CLOWN SHOW. He broke his right arm and undergone a surgery to insert a plate and that surgery cost him nearly RM9k. Majority of the cost has been paid of via insurances by his ex wife (they have 3 kids from their marriage & now all the kids is staying with his ex wife in Kedah), personal saving and another balance of RM1k insyaAllah will be borne by Lembaga Zakat.

He shared with me that there is one moment where he do not receive any show for few month and he have to move & stay back with his family and his family urge him to revert back to Buddhist and immediately he move out from the house so he wont be influence and force by them to renounce Islam.

Currently he have to paid a sum of RM750 as nafkah after they divorced and he is unable to paid this ever since he met an accident and his ex wife fully understand. His only request is to have some money for his 3 kids for schooling and up coming Chinese New Year. We exchange lot of experience and story and he make a commitment that once he recover he will do his best to join our activity to help any other unfortunate brother & sister. In the meantime, we will contribute a sum of RM 300 to Brother Adam Lee so he will be able to give this money for his kids and if anyone we will contribute more if we have additional contribution. For Bro Adam Lee, his kids is the one that matter to him as well as Islam. May Allah give him the strength and courage to overcome all his obstacle and InsyaAllah one day he will be able to join us to help other. i not in a position to reveal more about his personal life but I can tell you one thing for sure is that you wont be boring with him around.

Bro Adam Lee is not asking any funds for himself but we can do our part to support him by introducing his PROFESSIONAL CLOWN SHOW to any of our friends, associates & business partner who might look for such services for their event or activity. Bro Adam Lee can be contacted at 013-602 3002 or you can add him on facebook. He is a very nice person to chat with and he is the 1st CLOWN that I knew which have a PROFESSIONAL DEGREE for CLOWN SHOW.

p/s One very important thing we shared is that, if money is the motivation most people reverted to Islam, obviously they are not because other religious org is offering more to each ppl who revert to their religion WITH NO QUESTION ASK!!!
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