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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Al-Khaadem Youth Camps 2012 - You Don't Want Your Kids To Miss This FANTASTIC CAMP...!!!

Hmmm… School holiday is coming soon… Where should we send our kids? Send them to their grandparent’s house back in kampong or just leave them at home with all the Gameboy, PSP or internet? Well if you haven’t thought of a plan. I have some suggestion for you to consider. Before that please watch what they have done last year; (click here for 2011 Youth Camp Photo)

Now, please have a look at the tentatively program for this year Youth Camp;

The Time Travellers – Unravel Back to the Golden Era of the Youths

• Discover and Rebuild: Spend 5 days with a world-class educator, Sheikh Hussain Yee.

• Learn, Love, Live: Deep Dive into the lives and virtues of the Exemplary Youth from the Best generations known to mankind.

• Hustle, Hit and Never Quit: Engaging Current Youth Issues. Identifying the root cause.

• Burning questions, answered: Special and exclusive Sisters-only session with Sheikh Hussain Yee.

• Awaken your Senses: River Tubing, River Trekking, Explorace, Archery & Water Sports

• One and Only : Exclusive private swimming pool for sisters throughout the camp

Now that’s what we call a 5 star camp!

Inclusive of accommodation, air conditioned bus, outdoor group challenge and activities, Insurance, 6 meals per day, Handouts/materials, Goodie bags, prizes and an experience & knowledge that money cannot buy. Watch the short teaser for this 2012 Al-Khaadem Youth Camp here;

Well, this look interesting. Can I have more info? Where and when?

9 - 13 December 2012
Kalumpang Training Resort, Hulu Selangor

Can I register myself? I am 40yrs old. I look youthful and feel energetics too.. 

This camp is open for both Brothers & Sisters, Secondary Schools and Colleges/Universities Students. 40yrs old? Well let contact them to find out more either you can attend or not la..

Brothers - 013-2657878
Sisters - 013-2817878

You can also register online here...

When is the closing date? Gaji belum keluar la brother, how?

Well, the registration close on  1st December 2012. Call now because the seat are limited. Register now…  How often did our kids attend a camp conducted by WORLD CLASS SPEAKER like Sheikh Hussein Yee? Now is the time…

How much? Berapa ongkosnya? Here you go...

Get ready to be emPOWERed...!!!

Know more about Al-Khaadem here and they are on Facebook too....

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